Tips On Cleaning Your Sofa

Many of you pet lovers who have dogs and may be even cats may surely be encountering a constant problem of trying to get out fur from the sofa. Even if you didn’t have pets, having little kids that are prone to a lot of accidents involved with food in itself, can add to a lot of stress on maintaining clean sofas. So here are some tips to help you out and not give up on the idea of clean sofas once and for all;


This is possibly the most obvious and easiest way of getting rid of all that unwanted fur of your loving pets or all those food crumbs that your kid spilt just last night. Imagine sitting on a settee only to have your clothes stained with whatever not that was on it. Now you don’t have to be embarrassed anymore about your guests wanting to sit on the sofa that only you know has gone through a lot of damage! So grab a hand vacuum and get rid of all dust and dirt. Though this may be only a temporary cleaning means, it should do for an emergency guest visit. However, to give your sofa a much even brighter and cleaner look do contact those that offer carpet cleaning Adelaide services, as they would be much more experienced in giving a better and permanent clean up to your sofa or at least until it becomes filled with dust and grime again!

Warm water and dish soap

A mix made of warm water and dish soap is simply perfect for cleaning the wooden or metal parts of your sofa. This will help you eliminate any sort of stain or even give a simple shine to the worn out wood or metal. However, if this doesn’t work mainly because of the of the permanent extent of the damage, you might want to hire tile and grout cleaner here that could provide you with a better option for your settee instead of giving up on it once and for all. After all they are professionals that know what they are doing, and it is a better option than any other DIY method you would find on the internet.

Fabric kind and stain removal

You should by know that one method of stain removal doesn’t work on all kinds of settee. This is mainly because the material used to make each settee or sofa differs from one another. They vary from fabric to leather and even plain wood. Hence using the same means for one kind would be damaging on another. It is because of this that you need to identify the kind of material you are dealing with. Once you have got this all figured out then you could try the stain removal means for the varying kinds of material. For an example if you are dealing with a leather couch, then a combination of olive and vinegar of 0.5 is to 0.25 ratio, would be the ideal stain removal mix for it. But if you were dealing with one that is purely fabric then you would have to combine vinegar, warm water and dish soap of a ratio of 0.25 is to 0.75 is to 1. Hence identifying the material is essential and very important in order to use the right stain removal mix. Consider the above tips and use those that are suitable to give your sofa a brighter and cleaner look!

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