The Causes Of Environmental Destruction

Everyone complains about global warming, climate change and environmental destruction but not many people actually study the subject and try to find out what the exact reasons for these things to occur are. Most people post things on social media about how much they are against climate change and environmental destruction without really realizing that they too are contributing every day to the same problems that they complain about.

The reasons for environmental destruction

We have learnt that tree removal and deforestation are the leading causes for environmental destruction however we were not taught why these forests are being destroyed and for what purpose people keep cutting trees every day. The truth is one of the leading causes of environmental destruction is animal agriculture and many forests are destroyed on a daily basis to make space for farming of animals to meet with the growing demand for meat and meat products. Very few people realize that animal agriculture is the leading cause for environmental destruction and the meat and dairy industries invest a lot of money every year in hiding this fact from the public. In fact if you watch a documentary like ‘cowspiracy’ you will realize that even the environmental organisations themselves are hiding this fact from the general public because they are funded greatly by the meat industry.

tree removalIf you have trees in your back yard or if you are lucky enough to own a piece of land that has many trees on it is important that you do not cut down these trees for any purpose. You can keep your garden or your piece of land neat by tree pruning in Lindfield however it is important that you keep the trees intact because the world has far too little trees. To learn more about tree removal please visit

If one day you are going to build on this piece of land you might want to get an architect to do you a creative design that can build the house or even hotel among the trees instead of cutting the trees down. If you do some research online you will see that there are some amazing architecturally designed houses that actually have trees growing through them and have been designed to allow the tree to grow continuously while the house owners live in the house. Every tree that is cut down contributes to environmental destruction. You will be surprised to know that acres of land are destroyed every single day for animal agriculture which means that the world is heading towards certain destruction if we do not act fast and stop contributing to this dangerous and disastrous industry.

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