Proper Handle And Care Of Measurement Equipment

The significance of well-calibrated measurement instruments cannot be more emphasized. Accurate results that follow standards are very critical in many processes, and if errors are plenty, outcomes or outputs may be disappointing.Measurement devices and instruments are very significant in most engineering processes. In order to get optimum results and maximize the capacity of the process, maintenance and accuracy for the measuring tools are strongly recommended. There are actually measures that you can do to give proper care for your instruments.

Regular cleaning

This is among the most basic yet overlooked suggestion in this list. It is very crucial to have your measuring instruments be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis for obvious reasons. Many of these equipment will also require lubrication from time to time, as this will prevent corroding the components and mitigate potential oxidation. If such devices are not well-cleaned, the readings may be altered and thereby reducing accuracy. Of course, even cleaning should be dealt with care. Read for instructions on what are allowed to be used in cleaning the instruments, or you can even communicate the manufacturer for more details.

Measurement knowledge

Before any instrument is handled or put to use, instruction manual must first be read and understood. Be knowledgeable on how to properly utilize the instruments, and make sure that you comprehend how to operate the device, including the components and function. If not, have some assistance from people with knowledge about the product. As mentioned in the previous item, if you want further information regarding your measuring equipment, like with your ohaus scales for instance, you may contact the manufacturer. 

Protect your instruments

Should there be any rough parts or components that are exposed to your instruments, it is important that you provide protection for them to prevent damage. You may use dividers or shields for instruments near a fire work, or a rubber to guard the device from shocks and external force. Labels on the proper use of the equipment are highly recommended. Product knowledge will also come to play in this, as it is very important for you to know the composition of the components and parts of the materials. Is your device water-proof if there is some liquid involved in the process? Can it resist elevated temperatures if your process is involved with heating? On a related note, temperature is crucial in the accuracy of the reading, as it may either expand or contract the device. It is important to take this into consideration.

Calibration is important

What better way to assure the degree of accuracy of your measurement device than to properly calibrate it? Calibration is the process of increasing the accuracy of the device by minimizing the bias it creates. To do this, a standard value is used as a reference. The difference between the results of the device under test (or DUT) and the known value is what’s called as the bias, which must be reduced into an insignificant amount. Thus, calibration services is imperative for your process, and should be done regularly to get consistent results.

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